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Meet & Greet EAP & SAP 

Organizers: Neil Thompson and Rebecca Bednarek

As practice-based studies gain traction in different fields of study, it also opens up opportunities for new collaboration and exchange. 


This year’s "Meet & Greet" event will bring together leading scholars from Strategizing Activities and Practice (SAP) and Entrepreneurship-as-Practice (EAP). Come chat with and learn from some leading scholars in SAP and EAP!

Sun, August 6th – 8:30-10:00am @ Coffee at 200 Peachtree,

Among many interesting people, our guests include Paul Spee and Richard Whittington (SAP) and Bill Gartner and Bruce Teague (EAP).

Because we have limited space, you will need to sign-up – Please email Neil Thompson ( and indicate which division you are a part of to reserve your spot!

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