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2nd EaP Online Writing Retreat 

Organizers: Neil Thompson, Irina Liubertė


Dates: October 14, 21, & 28 (2022) Time: 16:00 -19:15 CET


Format: online meeting

Costs: Free


Participants: PhD students, young or experienced scholars working in the field of entrepreneurship-, strategy-, and leadership-as-practice and practice theory researchers from other areas of management and organization science.



Application deadline: October 7, 2022


Application process: In order to participate in the 2nd EaP Virtual Writing Retreat, please send an abstract and a statement about your personal goal for the Writing Retreat (in one Word or pdf file). Please send it to We will let you know by October 11 if we see fit with the Practice theory theme, and provide the details of the online meeting.


Objectives of the Retreat: the idea of the retreat is to help the members of EaP and other practice theory researchers to advance their writing practices. We ask each participant to formulate their specific goals for the Writing Retreat and work on these goals during and between the three sessions. For example, you may set the goal of finishing a conference paper, writing part(s) of a new paper draft, progressing with R&R, or developing an idea for a new paper – any writing task you want to accomplish in three weeks. Each of the three meetings will have two parts:

  1.  a social part in which we will get to know each other, discuss general challenges, share best practices, interesting sources, discuss EaP developments etc., and

  2.  a silent part in which we will concentrate on our writing. During the writing time, we will silence our mobile phones, switch off outlooks, disconnect from social networks and other distractors and concentrate on our manuscripts.



Looking forward to your participation!



Neil & Irina

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