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‘More-than-human’ approaches to understanding entrepreneurship - workshop

One-day workshop

4th of October, 2019

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The   embodied,   materially-mediated   and   more-than-human   dimensions   of practice     have    so     far     remained     an     under-developed     area     in     the 
‘entrepreneurship-as-practice’ conversation. This intensive, one-day workshop will set out to  repair that omission, and revolve around the exploring of more- than-human (posthuman/new materialist) approaches (following the works of e.g. Barad, 2007; Braidotti, 2013; Gherardi, 2016, 2018), and what it would entail to adopt them to understanding entrepreneurship.

Places  are  limited;  we  can  welcome  up  to  10  participants  (‘first-come-first- serve’). Be  expecting an active workshop – no (keynote) lectures.

There  is  no  workshop  fee  –  you  would  only  need  to  cover  your  own  travel expenses and (if required) accommodation.

Please register before September 5 2019 by sending an email to:

Karen Verduijn, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Neil Thompson, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Orla Byrne, University College Dublin

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