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Bruce Teague, Neil Thompson and Bill Gartner are holding another Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at the 2017 Academy of Management Conference (AOM) entitled, "Conversations About the ‘How’ of Entrepreneurship".    


Entrepreneurship scholars have long recognized the importance of entrepreneurial behavior.  Current scholarship on this topic has explored separate but potentially complementary streams of research from theoretical perspectives of practice theory, process theory and action.  We suggest that scholars participating in these conversations share a fundamental interest in the ‘how’ of entrepreneurship.  How do entrepreneurs go about creating new organizations?   Each perspective places a different aspect of “how” entrepreneurship occurs at the center of inquiry, yet all contribute to a shared understanding of the bigger question.  This PDW addresses the challenges of advancing research that illuminates “how” entrepreneurship occurs by bringing scholars from different perspectives together. 

This session will begin with very brief presentations on aspects of the “how” issue, such as: entrepreneurial behavior, entrepreneurship as practice; process theory approaches; research methods (e.g., ethnography, diaries, “apps”); context; the role of social construction; teams; pitching; planning; as well as issues surrounding pedagogy and publishing research on the “how” of entrepreneurship.  Following these brief presentations, attendees will participate in rotating roundtable discussions.  Upon conclusion of the roundtable discussions, observers will share key takeaways from each table.  The session will conclude with a moderated panel discussion that will synthesize these key takeaways while considering next steps.  By facilitating systematic discussions around specific “how” topics, we expect to expand current theoretical dialogue, offer new approaches to studying “how:” build a community of scholars, and enhance the cross-fertilization of ideas across the theoretical and empirical boundaries that inform the “how” conversation.

Hope to see you there!

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